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the animal crossing movie is really cute! please watch it! http://www.goodanime.net/animal_crossing_movie

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Do you ever just sit back and remember the Baller Names fro Mario Hoops

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Lupin III (ルパン三世, Rupan Sansei), 1977 (Red Jacket).


Lupin III (ルパン三世, Rupan Sansei), 1977 (Red Jacket).

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tamagotchi sonic is so cute omg

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Lupin III theme from Lupin III: Densetsu no Hihou o Oe!, Super Famicom.

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alright so there’s been quite a few questions about where to find the animal crossing movie (doboutsu no mori) soo here’s a link to the movie!~ 
enjoy cuties ^^

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Request: Goofy wonders if he’s TRULY BEAUTIFUL (Cucumber Quest)



Goofy as Count Legato from Cucumber Quest???

Cause when I think Count Legato, I think Goofy.

Dialogue taken from this page of Gigi D.G.’s Cucumber Quest, go read Cucumber Quest if you haven’t.  Cucumber Quest.

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The Kacho is perfect.

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First look at Yokai Watch 2's boxarts, screens ⊟

Yokai Watch has been killing it in Japan, thanks to Level-5’s transmedia approach and the popular animated series there, so I don’t anyone’s surprised that the publisher is releasing a sequel. The game was already kind of Pokemon-y but with spirits, and this follow-up will be even more so, coming out with two versions (Founder and Head) this July 10, each coming with exclusive rare medals. 

Anime News Network provided the following description:

Keita and company will travel back in time to Sakura New Town in the Showa era, thanks to the power of a mysterious yokai (Japanese spirit or demon). The key to the story will be Keizo, a boy from the past who looks like Keita, and Dekanyan, a cat yokai with an amazing secret.

Yokai Watch 2 will also have new events such as climbing the school flagpole to better find yokai, and bicycle races. If players have already gone through the first Yokai Watch game, they can make friends with special yokai in Yokai Watch 2.

You can watch two announcement trailers here. Level-5 hasn’t revealed anything about bringing the series to the U.S., but there have been hints.

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Nintendo Power #22 - March 1991 - Part 1 of 2 of the 3rd part of the Startropics Guide. Quite frankly I’m worried for this kid who has Bananas in his ears.

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